Whole30: The TMI edition

Ok. Today is the 30th day of my Whole30, and while I plan on doing a bigger write-up tomorrow, I want to write today about some stuff that happened with my body during the Whole30. This is not exactly what people normally post about on their blogs, but this is my blog….and I’m going to.
Fair Warning: I am going to be talking about going to the bathroom and my period. Stop reading now if that freaks you out.

So, on to it.

Prior to starting the whole30 I thought my digestive health was normal. I went to the bathroom regularly, and didn’t really experience anything that I thought wasn’t average. On the whole30….a lot changed! For the first umm…28 days, things were moving alot more quickly through my system. I would get the sudden urge to use the restroom, and needed to go with-in minutes of that feeling coming on. In the last day or so let’s just say that things have slowed down and firmed up a little bit.

The only exception was on day 27 when I accidentally ate a white potato. It was hiding in a salad that I had made myself (we were out to eat, it was free burger day, the only thing you could get was a burger and fries–I gave my bun and potatoes to my husband and had made myself a “salad” out of my burger, and condiments from the restaurants condiment bar–ice berg, tomato, onion, pickles etc). After eating that potato, that night I was totally and painfully backed up. It was the only thing I ate that day that was not normal for my Whole30. I had even had burgers at this restaurant before.

Also, during my Whole30 I noticed that I was much, much, much less gassy. Markedly so. I had always thought that red meat was the culprit of my gas, but I see now, that isn’t the case at all!

Ok, on to monthly hormonal fluctuations.
A bit of history. I have been getting my period for 16 years. For the first 7.75 of those years, I was not on the pill, and experienced regular, heavy periods with what I will call a medium amount of cramps. The last quarter of the 7th year, I started getting horrible, horrible cramps. Debilitating, I can hardly breathe sharp pains. I got on the pill and stayed on it for almost 8 more years. On the pill I went back to having medium cramps with my period.
In october of 2010 I went off the pill, and immediately the horrible cramps came back. They would only last for a day or two, but they were bad.
Enter the Whole30. I started my period on day 24 or something like that. I had ONE day of MINIMAL cramping. The least I have had in my entire life. I have to assume that this is related to my eating habits on the Whole30, as I have not changed anything else in the last 30 days.

So there ya have it….Whole30 and below the belt. 🙂
Non-TMI posting to resume tomorrow.

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One Response to Whole30: The TMI edition

  1. Tracy says:

    I am glad I have been able to read your blog through this as you are a few weeks ahead of me so I know what to look forward to. I too am experiencing the quickly moving symptoms you mentioned. I figured it was because I am eating good fats and no grains so there is more ‘lube’ and less ‘filler’ so to speak lol. I am expecting my period next week and I am curious to see if it changes at all. I too suffer from bad cramping and heavy periods. But since having my last son mine has gone a bit crazy and I have it off and on for 10 days. When before, it was 3 days, 4 max. I am hoping that this new eating style cuts back on the days a bit, 10 is excessive lol

    So now that it is over, what are your plans?

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