Whole30: Days 15-21

Wow. Today is day 22 of my Whole30!

Days 15- 21 flew by, and crawled by at the same time. I feel ready to get on with it. I feel impatient with 30 days….although apparently not to impatient, since I am now feeling surprised that I am nearing the end of my 30 days. I am looking forward to figuring out what my new normal is going to be. What foods will I add back in, and at what frequency? What affect/effect will dairy/grains/sugars have?

Yesterday was a wierd food day for me. My co-worker brought in some left over birthday cake, and all day I walked past it feeling nothing. Until I was hungry at 5 o’clock. I had a meeting at 6pm, and while I had a snack, I was still a little hungry…but by no means starving. I wanted a piece of cake. I didn’t have one though….and later that night after I had had my dinner of vegetables and proteins, I noticed that I wasn’t craving sugar at all. So my need for the cake was truly in my head.

Really not much exciting to update. Just keepin on, keepin on. Look for my Whole30 wrap up post nex Thursday.

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