Whole30:Days 11-14

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Well, today is day 15. I am officially half way through my first Whole30. I can’t believe it really. I know that I shouldn’t focus so much on day 30, because I’ve already come to the realization that this was the launch of a major diet over-haul for me, and that for the most part I will continue eating as I have been during the Whole30, but with cheats thrown in.

Days 11-14 were interesting. I wanted to quit. Not because I was craving things, but because I wasn’t craving them. I felt done. I felt accomplished. Goal achieved, I have conquered my food devils. But…I know that isn’t the case. 14 days is not long enough to rid my system of the junk.
So, here I am on day 15, still at it…with 14.5 full days left to go.

On Saturday my mom and I had a long chat about Paleo eating. It stemmed from a facebook discussion that had occured between me, my mom and my brother on facebook. (Side note: I am so proud of my brother, I think he is a total bad-ass). My mom had never really been introduced to Paleo eating, even though both my brother and I have been gradually moving towards that life-style recently.

My mom started dieting in the 70’s with Weight Watchers and hasn’t ever really looked back. Typical American yo-yo up and down try different things dieter. I told her about Paleo/Primal and gave her some websites to read as resources. I also talked to her about the Whole30. She checked out the Whole30 website prior to our conversation and had some questions for me. Her biggest question was, what is “their” plan for after the 30 days. She really had a hard time wrapping her mind around Paleo as a “lifestyle” as opposed to a plan (again, serial Weight Watcher). I don’t think she is quite ready to jump head-long into a Whole30, or really to even give up bread. A direct quote from her ” Well..I found this other book that said sprouted grains are ok–I just don’t want to give up bread.” I didn’t push it. It took me 3 months of exploring primal/paleo and eating that way about 75% of the time before I jumped on the Whole30 band wagon.
But, I’m excited for her to even check it out. My dad’s thoughts? “Anything that is a proponent of butter is ok by me!.”

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2 Responses to Whole30:Days 11-14

  1. Tristan says:

    Hi, I’m just passing by as I research Whole30. I read that you researched and starting going paleo quite awhile before you did the Whole30. I just heard about it this week and was thinking about starting it next week. Do you think that’s too soon?

    • slowmiles says:

      I think that it’s totally up to you as an individual. For me, going primal/paleo for a few months helped ease my transition. I think that since I had already transitioned into a mostly vegetable/protein/fruit/nut diet…it was easier for me to stick with it.
      I think it’s totally doable to jump right in, but I can only assume that the shock to the system and cravings would be worse.

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