Today is day 10 of my Whole30. I know that I still have 20 days left to go, but I sort of feel like I woke up and BAM it was day 10! Which is better than how I was feeling on days 2 and 3 when I wanted to throw myself a pity party.

Days 7-10:
Have been pretty sweet. Like I updated the other day, my sugar cravings have gone away (for the most part). Last night my husband wanted to go out for frozen yogurt, at one of those build your own type places. I went with him and put fresh fruit and nuts in my cup. When we got home I put coconut milk over it. I thought about the Whole30 guidelines, and not giving in to my “sugar tantrums” but I was ok with my choice. I made it because I genuinely wanted that to eat, and had had a small dinner. I wasn’t doing it because my head or my mouth was telling me to give it sugar. Today I’m not feeling any ill-effects. I am however, not only faced with these left over donuts:

bad picture angle, but there are three donuts hiding in there!

but also with Girl Scout cookies in our break room. I have to walk past our breakroom anytime I want to leave my cubicle. I am not really having a hard time resisting the sugar in the Girl Scout cookie….it’s more a sentimenal thing. I spent my entire child and young adult-hood as a Girl Scout…so the organization is special to me. But….the cookies aren’t. and truth be told…I HATED seeling Girl Scout cookies as a kid…eating them is another story.

Anyway…day 10 and I’m holding strong. Tonight we are going out to Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. I already know that I can order plain grilled chicken and I plan to add that to a side salad. This will also be the first time that we have been out to eat with friends since I started the Whole30. Maybe an opportunity for a little food evangelism?

Did you guys know that March is national nutrition month? I did, but only because I sit on the Wellness Committee at work. This month I had to hang up a poster in our break area that listed the 30 healthiest foods–plenty of fruits and veggies listed but also, of course, non-fat milk, quinoa, oats, and whole wheat bread.
Melissa of this fantastic blog is doing a series during national nutrition month, called “National REAL Nutrition Month.” Check it out…it’s awesome!

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