Whole30: Days 1 and 2

photo from someecards

Today is Day 3 of my Whole30. Not going to lie, I sort of want to cry….it’s only day THREE?!?!?!?!

I almost feel silly for talking about things are going when it’s only been three days. And not even three whole days. 2 days and a little bit of day three.

Day 1: I felt like I was on top of the world on day 1. You know….the honeymoon phase of anything new and exciting. That night we had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. They were bbq-ing steaks, and I called my sister-in-law in advanced and asked her if the steaks were marinating in anything, she said that two of them were, but that my brother-in-law hadn’t started marinating the other two yet. I asked her to only season one of those steaks with salt and pepper. Making a special request was a big deal for me. I’m a people pleaser, and have always just sort of “made do” when eating at someone elses house. This includes eating meat when I was a vegetarian…or eating only chips and salsa when I was a vegetarian….but never asking for a special dish or preperation. Side note–so glad I am no longer a vegetarian.
They also served rice and my SIL asked me to bring a salad. Perfect. I knew that I could make a huge salad, bring some home made dressing, and eat my plain steak. And it was fine…until they brought out the oreos for dessert. I didn’t partake….but it triggered my desire for sugar.
Once we were home I drank two glasses of sparkling water with lime and the bubbles seemed to satisfy my need for “something else to eat” even though I wasn’t hungry. I know that is similar to giving into my bodies sugar tantrum, but I figured…sparkling water was pretty small evil.

Day 2: Oof- MUCH harder. During work I had a customer call, yell, and then hang up on me. I immediately wanted to make a trip to the office candy jar. I didn’t and instead recognized my feelings and drank some water. Day 2 was also a kettlebell workout day. After reading the Whole30 success guide, I realize that I might not be fueling my body properly for the intensity of an hour long kettlebell workout. I am going to make sure that I add in specific pre and post workout meals from now on.
All of the meals that I prepared on day two were great…and since I’ve been meal planning for months…that part isn’t hard for me. It’s avoiding the sugar temptations and dealing with my body and mind when having a “sugar tantrum.” I experienced this again last night in Costco. I needed spinach, and also wanted to look for some Tuna that didn’t have soy in it. Seriously…tuna has soy in it. The injustice.
Anyway…the aisles of pre-packaged costco food stuff were calling my name loudly. I made it out alive…and sugar and carb free. whew.

So…now on to day 3. We’ll see how it goes!

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