Diving In….


Ok folks, it’s time. Time for me to clean up my eating. I’ve let myself slip a little bit and have been enjoying the office candy dish and various other things that I know my body doesn’t like.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was thinking of doing a Whole30 and today is the day I am going to start.

I have to admit, I planned this start date around a vacation taken with friends this past weekend. Lots of food and alcohol debauchery was had, and it was great time. But now…it’s time to clean up my food act and get serious about this new lifestyle that I want to pursue. I have been wanting to do a Whole30 for a while now, but I wasn’t ever quite ready. Now I am.

Here I go…
-no sugar
-no grains
-no legumes
-no fake foods
-no alcohol
-no dairy.

It’s gonna be fun.

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