No Fear.

So…I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I want my goals/ resolutions for 2011 to be.
As I settle into the routine life of adult hood (meaning, there aren’t any major milestones is my near future; I have a steady job, I have already graduated from college, I have a mortgage, I am NOT having a baby any time soon) I realize that I don’t really dig routine. That I need something to shake it up. To have goals to achieve.

I’ve thought about all of the regular ones:
Get fit, save money, blah blah. And I do want to keep getting fit, and I do have some personal and household financial goals, but I just didn’t want to put that out there as my resolution.

And, suddenly, while reading this blog, it came to me. I want 2011 to be the year in which I do things that I am scared of. I want to face my fears to force my self out of complacency. Sayonara comfort zone.

I have posted before about my tendency to stay in my comfort zone, and in that same post I also discussed how glad I am, and how proud of myself I am when I force my self (or am forced by others to make the choice) to leave my comfort zone.
And really….the things that I am afraid/scared of a varied.

Things as simple as cutting my hair really short, to big things like learning to say “no” to people (or quit being a people pleaser..I really could have a whole blog on people pleasing, no not a post, a whole blog).

Here is a short list of things that I would like to do but have been hesitant to try because I might either fail or because they aren’t in my comfort zone:
1.Cutting my hair short-seriously short. Right now I am growing it out to donate it, but instead of getting a bob, what if I cut it into a pixie or something else short.

2.Roller Derby. I think I could be good at this. I am a decent roller skater, and I like to think I am tough.

3.Joining a book club-a real one, not an internet one.

4.Sticking up for my self and telling people “no” when I am asked to do something that doesn’t work for me or my schedule.

5.Making phone calls. I know…seriously. I HATE calling people that I don’t know for work. I think it’s a rejection thing? I don’t know, but I need to get over it.

Ok, that isn’t an exhaustive list, just a few things off the top of my head. So that is my resolution for 2011. To do the things that scare me.

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4 Responses to No Fear.

  1. Peggy says:

    Good luck on your 2011 goals! A group of my friends and I formed a book club in October and it’s actually been one of my favorite nights of the months – getting together, eating, talking about the book!

  2. CaveGirlEats says:

    I see so much of myself in this post! Isn’t it funny how technical “adulthood” suddenly makes you realize – wow – what the heck am I going to DO with my life?

    Seriously, what was our hurry?

    And let me tell you – three years ago I chopped my waist-length hair off into an asymmetrical, super short Rihanna/Posh Spice bob. And it. changed. my. life. Something that small makes such a statement. Just find an amazing hairstylist, one with great talent, and DO IT! Respect your own bravery for doing it. My hair is all grown out now, but I literally changed my life when I changed my hair. It was symbolic.

    • slowmiles says:

      Exactly, what WAS our hurry? Sheesh.

      THanks for the insight on cutting your hair. I’ve had short(er) hair before, like…chin length, but nothing drastic. I love the asymmetrical Rihanna/Posh look!

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