If the shoe fits…

I need new workout shoes. I’ve had my current shoes for about a year now, and I’m embarrassed to tell you about the shape they are in. On both shoes, on the front part of the soles (under my forefoot) I can see the plastic. The rubber/foam part of the sole is…gone. Seriously. I need shoes like..yesterday.

I was sort of holding out for Christmas, in hopes that my dad would get me some new shoes, cause he likes to do that, but alas..no shoes materialized under the tree. I am no waiting for pay day (tomorrow) to buy some shoes.

The past five pairs of shoes I purchased for working out were running shoes. I was attempting to be a runner after all. Now that I am no longer looking in that direction, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t look into a cross training shoe. I’ve been doing some research and talking to my brother (who is a crossfitting fool) and I know that I probably need a little less cushion than if I were running. Which, thankfully….translates into lower cost shoes! Hooray!

I have yet to try any on in the store, but I’ve heard good things about these:

and about these:

But…I feel so brand loyal to Asics that I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try out these.

But maybe, Asics should stick to what they know and they know running and Nike is the better way to go?

Also, I can go to a running store and get fitted for running shoes and talk to experts. For a cross training shoe I just have to go to a big box store, or order online and hope for the best?

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5 Responses to If the shoe fits…

  1. Casey says:

    Personally, I won’t be found working out in anything but my Vibram Five Finger KSO’s. No cushion at all. But I also prefer to be barefoot whenever possible, as it lets me concentrate more on balance, grip, and stability in varied conditions. There are times that the minimal sole in them can be aggravating (running on gravel), as can the fact your toes are separated (doing double-unders)…but most of the time I’d prefer them to anything else.

    A lot depends on what you’re training is. If you’re doing a lot of lifting (barbells, etc), then you should be looking for NO sole cushion, as it weakens the power transfer and introduces instability that can translate to muscle stress or injury. That’s why so many lifters simply use a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors (or some nice Oly shoes with the wood-wedge sole). Try it sometime – do a reasonably heavy squat wearing your current shoes, then do it again in just your socks. You should immediately notice the increased stability and efficiency in power transfer to the floor.

    If you’re doing more running/outdoor stuff, then I’d lean toward a running/cross-training specific shoe…but I’d still recommend going as “padding-less” as possible. Rather than relying on space-age gels and foams to cushion the jarring effect of heel-striking when you run, go with a more minimal show like an Inov-8 or Vivo and learn to shorten your stride to land mid-foot where you can develop greater foot, arch, and ankle strength and reduce deterioration in your knee and hip joints. That way you will experience a lot of the benefits of “barefoot” without running around in gorilla feet. 🙂

    • slowmiles says:

      I would love to try Vibram’s, but….because of an orthotic (it’s for the length of my legs) that i have to wear in my shoe, I think the purpose of the vibrams would be defeated. although….to be fair…I haven’t tried.

      I have thought about something like Chuck Taylors, but since the majority (at least for now) of my workouts are in a bootcamp style setting (with kettlebells) I need something that provides a little bit more lateral stability.

  2. Dominique Jackson says:

    So I am an athlete and I train in my fabulous Nike running shoes. I understand not everyone runs as much as I do, like yourself, so I want to help you out for cross training shoes. Now Even though most of the time I do my cross training in my running shoes I do also have two pair of cross training shoes that I absolutely love. They are both light weight and I love that feeling when I am doing drills, weights, and cardio outside of running. These two shoes :
    Nike Free XT Quick Fit+ Women’s Training Shoe
    Nike Free TR Fit Women’s Training Shoe

    They are great. I’m a sucker for light weight shoes and both of these work. The Nike Free technology is just great. It allows your foot to be free but still have support when your training. Let me know what you think and if you have anymore question just ask away. Also make sure you go to a sports shoe store to get them. Dont order any type of training shoe offline unless you know that model works for your foot. You dont want any type of foot injuries, they suck. Have great one.

  3. Alisha says:

    There are certain brands which needs no introduction. There are a wide variety of beautiful shoes for men and women. So whether you are going for playing basketball or for any other sports Nike shoes can give the best comfort to your feet. Recently Nike has introduced several new styles that can fit every taste and situation.

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