…in sickness and in health

My husband, whom I love madly, informed me last night that this year (2011) he is going to lose weight.
As anyone who has ever had any sort of relationship knows, discussing your partners weight…is..at best..touchy. Since I have known my husband I have gained 45-50 pounds and lost 25.6 of them. I am hoping to lose the rest, but he has seen (and loved me) through both that gain and loss. I have never pushed him to lose weight with me, but as I get more and more into eating primally…I’ve been thinking more and more about how much I would like for him to join me in this journey.

When he told me last night that he wanted to lose weight, and planned on losing weight..instead of launching into all of the ideas I have for how he could change his habits, I just nodded and said “let me know how I can support you.” Which…was hard for me, becuase I wanted to makeover his diet that minute.

I am hoping that he sees the results that I am getting, and joins me on this journey!

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One Response to …in sickness and in health

  1. Casey says:

    I can’t say how much easier it is when both partners share in the lifestyle (and reap the benefits). I tell you this as the one that was in your husband’s shoes initially (gaining but denying while my wife loved me but noticed the changes and gently prodded now and again). Now I’m on the other end – probably more zealous than she is at times about the lifestyle, and still wanting to lose a little more. Best of luck!

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