Whats the Plan, Stan?

I should start this post by saying that somehow these two pieces of chocolate jumped out of the office candy dish and into my hand….

I have not eaten them. I am drinking tea now. But they are staring at me.

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I sit on my companies wellness committee. We contract with a local hospital to provide a “health coordinator” to us and she guides the committee in providing wellness programs for our employees. Each year we have a weight loss challenge in the spring, but this year, our coordinator had the Idea of doing a challenge over the Holiday’s, as well as the spring weight loss challenge. She calls it “Winter Holiday Overeating Avoidance,” or WHOA! to be catchy. The point is to avoid the 2-8 pounds (I’ve heard so many different statistics) that the average person gains between Thanksgiving and the first day of the New Year. So, the point of the challenge is to be plus or minus two pounds from your starting weight.

I have two thoughts about this:
1) What if someone loses more than 2 pounds?
2) I am glad that they aren’t trying to set unrealistic goals for people, promoting that it’s ok to splurge on the holidays, but only for certain meals, not to go on a 6 week food bender.

I, personally, am hoping to lose more than 2 pounds. For two reasons, 1) because with my new eating style and habits, I think that I will lose a few more pounds before my body stabilizes and 2) I HATE being told what I can/can’t/will/won’t do. When I asked the coordinator the questions of “What is someone loses more than 2 pounds?” she responded by telling me that of course that person would still earn the incentive for the challenge, but that it was virtually impossible to lose weight during the holidays, so she doubted that would come up at all.
HA! Even if I hadn’t been trying to lose weight, that would have made me want to. Seriously.

So what is my plan? Well I plan on aiming for 4 “treats” per week. Now, don’t roll your eyes at me, but I had to get a little bit type A about this. I calculated how many times I eat per week. (3 meals, 3 snacks a day), and then figured out how many times I could eat a treat, so that I was still eating healthy 90% of the time. I think I will un-pack the psychology of this system in another post, later this week.

Yesterday, I posted a schedule of the holiday get-togethers I have on my schedule. I plan on using one of my “treats” for each of those times, but only on the foods that are seriously good. Again, no Chips Ahoy. I also, plan on bringing “primal” desserts or recipes to each of the get togethers.
I am making this recipe tonight. By the way, check out the rest of her blog it’s fabulous. She even did a post on holiday eating earlier this week. I also found this post from Cosmopolitan Primal Girl helpful.
Now, about those candies on my desk…I still haven’t eaten them, and friends, for me? That is progress.

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