So…it begins. The weekly potlucks at work, corporate gifts that always include baked goods or chocolates, holiday parties at friends houses, company Christmas parties, Christmas, New Years…a seemingly never ending stream of sugar and carb over-load.

For me, it started last Friday when the annual tin of Almond Roca showed up in our break room. Every year one of the companies that my department works closely with gives us a huge tin of Almond Roca.

Here is the kicker…I don’t even really like Almond Roca. Toffee isn’t my thing. BUT, in the past, I’ve eaten it. Because it’s sugar and each afternoon after lunch I would go through my “I . NEED. SUGAR. NOW” phase.

I am an co- advisor for a teen group at work, and last night was our yearly holiday party/ treat binge. I had already decided that I was going to allow myself a treat at this party, assuming that there was something worth eating. (I realize that “worth it” is defined differently by everyone). And…there was. One of the kids brought in a home made chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake. It was still warm from the oven, and the chocolate chips were gooey. So I had a piece, and to be honest…it was delicious. I’m glad that I didn’t waste a splurge on something gross like store bought chips ahoy cookies. But, I instantly felt ick as soon as I put my fork down. Lesson learned.

I walked into work this morning and this brownie was sitting next to the Almond Roca in the break room
There are a bunch more below this brownie in the Tupperware it is placed in.

And then I sit down at my computer and open my email and there is an email announcing “Free Donuts in the All-Department Break Room.”

These are the Holiday get-togethers on my plate this year:
-Teen Holiday Party-December 13th
-Dinner out with a friend (when you eat as I am now…this is a challenge and can quite possibly count as splurge)-December 15th
-All Staff Christmas Party-December 16th.
-White Elephant Pot-Luck at a friends house-December 18th (uh, this is going to be a rough week).
-Department Christmas Party-December 22nd.
-Christmas Eve with the Inlaws-December 24th.

A word about Christmas Eve, this isn’t a turkey dinner where I can eat turkey and veggies. No. My in-laws tradition for Christmas even pretty much revolves around WAY WAY WAY too much food, and “snack” food at that. Little Smokies, sandwiches on rolls, dips, crackers, cookies, and probably brownies and pie. Nary a vegetable to be found.

So what’s a gal to do? Look for a post tomorrow on my Holiday eating plan of attack, and some links to some great bloggers that have already addressed this topic.

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One Response to Excess

  1. Casey says:

    I…feel…your…pain. 🙂

    On the eating out – pick a place that has a varied menu, and then ask to substitute. It is usually pretty easy to ask for more steamed or roasted veggies in place of any potato or rice sides (most decent places are pretty accommodating). Get a salad (minus croutons) in place of fries. One trick you can use is to tell them you are “deathly allergic to gluten” – which is a signal to the chef (again, if it’s a half-ass reasonable place) that you not only want your food gluten-free, but that you don’t want it prepared in the same utensils/containers as gluten-containing items. You’d be amazed how many places my wife and I will go out and order something only to completely revise it before we’re done ordering. And yes, occasionally we’ll just go ahead and have the potatoes or the rice (but never the bread).

    As for your more “standard” places to go – Red Robin has been a good place (if you like burgers). You can order ANY of their burgers “low carb” and they’ll wrap it up in a massive bunch of lettuce leaves. It can be a little messier to eat, but tastes awesome. And they’ll bring you sides of avocado, fruit (usually melon), or a salad in place of the fries without blinking. If you’re really hungry, you can make it a “monster burger” by adding a second patty for only a little more!

    As for the rest of the parties…come prepared. If it’s a potluck, make sure to bring things you know you’re safe with (and stash a little to make sure you get some!). About the best you can do. If you know there will be plenty of meat, then make sure you bring your own veggies and you’re all set.

    And, as you’ve already done, when you are going to give in, make it something worth while (the ultra-special homemade things that took someone all day to make), make it a small portion, and SAVOR every bite so that it is worth it.

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