Challenge days 12-14

So my “clean eating” challenge ended last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving!

I did ok those last couple of days. I did add back some dairy to make this recipe, from this website. Fantastic recipe by the way. My husband couldn’t stop raving about it.

It was also the first time that I had attempted truly clean eating during a road trip. We drove down to my parents house in Reno on Wednesday, and while It was tough to forgo the junky snacks that I usually justify “but we are on a ROAD TRIP!” It just took a lliiiittle bit more planning. I packed veggies with almond butter, a spinach salad with chicken, and a Larabar for convenience.

In conclusion, I lost 3.6 pounds, and 5.6 inches overall. But…I feel like I gained so much more. My sugar cravings are almost non-existant, I wake up feeling energized, and my blood sugar feels a lot more stable (no more HANGRY raids of the pantry while I’m making dinner).

My plan from here on out? Continue eating this way, although with a little bit more dairy, and little bit more fruit.

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One Response to Challenge days 12-14

  1. Casey says:

    Thanks for the plug, and glad you’re seeing good results. I can say that this year, the standard “spread” at Thanksgiving dinner just wasn’t nearly as appetizing to even look at it. The whole idea of gorging myself just didn’t have the same appeal since eating (mostly) clean for the past year and a half…much more so even than last year. Definitely the longer you stay with this, the more sensitive you become to how sweet so many processed things are, and how much variety and flavor there is when your food isn’t drowning in sugar. For me, I don’t like how sweet a piece of chocolate with less than about 70% cacao is, or standard ice cream compared to simply frozen blueberries with coconut cream on top. Even a couple of slices of bell pepper and a carrot tastes pretty sweet to me…and a whole lot more satisfying!

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