Challenge Days 1-4

So, I’ve decided to document my thoughts on this eating “challenge” (I really don’t know what to call it. I am specifically eating this way for two weeks, with the plan to modify in some way when it’s over. I HATE the word diet so…that leaves me with…”this thing I’m doing?”) mostly so I can recall on day 14 how I felt on day 1.

Day 1- Thursday. I had this day off of work, so I was in my house all day, which is still full of food that I’m not eating currently. This was hard, as the grapes that sat on my counter taunted me all day. I did have a headache for a portion of the afternoon, but I was proud of myself for staying strong, and not giving into my sugar cravings on day one.

Day 2-Friday: this day was a noon kettlebell day, and I was feeling pretty full from my breakfast (Even though it was about ½ the calories I normally eat, I’m still working on getting enough), but I had my snack of berries and almonds before class anyway. I immediately got a headache that continued going into kettlebell, but felt great after exercise and lunch.
I did splurge at dinner with a glass of wine for our annual football rivalry party. This is an improvement over what could have been either multiple glasses of wine or beer.

Day 3- Saturday- Woke up feeling AMAZING. I didn’t realize how sluggish and crappy I normally feel on the weekends, until I woke up feeling so good! I don’t normally drink to the point of drunkedness (maybe 5 times a year?), so I realize my Saturday morning “ugh” feeling must be do to the amount of CRAP that I normally eat on a Friday nights! I do have a tendency to feel like Friday’s are a free for all after 5pm. Interesting.
The rest of this day I felt REALLY HUNGRY all day until dinner when I had a bison burger (sans bun) and some sweet potato “fries” and…..the true splurge of the weekend a piece of birthday cake at a friends party. I didn’t eat all of the cake that was served to me (a first in my 27.5 years), and half way through eating I could tell my body wasn’t impressed with the sugar. About 15 mins after having the cake, I found myself wanting another piece…hello sugar addiction!

Day 4-Sunday-I woke up feeling pretty good, but not as good as Saturday…which I think speaks to how sugar/carbs affect our body. I didn’t feel constantly hungry all day, but I did have a low-grade headache most of the day. I made sure to drink plenty of water and eat enough. I also discovered the most delicious dessert….frozen mixed berries with full fat coconut milk.

We are now on Day 5, and I find that my craving for fruit is gone…I didn’t stare longingly at our fruit bowl while I made my breakfast. I also, am not missing coffee at all.
We’ll see what days 5-8 bring.

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