fail to plan…

Each week, I make a menu plan for what I will be making for dinner every night. I started doing this about a year ago, and it’s really helped with reducing the occurances of the following situation…
Scene: It’s 5:30 pm, and my husband and I have both just arrived home from work…
Me: what do you want for dinner?
Him: I don’t know…what do you want?
Me: How about chicken and rice bowls?
Him: Nah…
Me: well I don’t know what to make…
Him: We’ll we could just go out…
Me: Excellent.

And then…we end up spending more money than we should, and eating more than we should blah blah blah.

So…I’ve mastered the dinner plan, but what i have yet to master…is planning for lunch each day. I either end up with not enough food and I’m starving by 4pm, or I don’t feel like packing a lunch so I go out…again with the un-necessary calories and money spending. In addition to trying to LOWER my carb intake…a plan in necessary.

So this week..I’m planning. Today I am going to make a pumpkin bisque soup, and avacado chicken salad to create lunches for the majority of the week.
I’m going to make macaroni and cheese with chicken sausage for my husband to have for his lunch and dinner tomorrow night when he is in class.

I’m planning…and it’s going to be good!

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