Points for Pounds: Week 8

Don’t forget to check out Steph’s blog to see how she did this week!

So I hopped on the scale on Friday morning, only to discover that…..it wouldn’t turn on!
The battery was dead. Oops. I bought a battery on my lunch break and weighed in on Saturday morning. See results below.

Official Weigh In:
Week 1-September 3: +2.2
Week 2-September 10: -3.0
Week 3: September 17: + 0.6
Week 4: September 24: +/- 0
Week 5: October 1: -0.4
Week 6: October 10: -3.8
Week 7: October 15: +0.6
Week 8: October 24: +1.8

Also, as this was the close of month two, this week signified time to take measurements.
All measurements in inches:
Waist: -.9
Bust- No change
Arms:- No Change
Thighs:– 0.5

A total of 2.4 inches this month, not bad!

So, this past week I was still working on my motivation, or lack thereof, when I came across this picture of me from college.

I LOOOOOVED that red halter top!

I was 18 or 19 in this picture, not entirely sure, but when I found the picture on Friday afternoon, I realized it had been a long time since I looked at the picture. And, I found it inspiring. Granted, I was almost 10 years (oh lord) younger at the time, but this is what I would like to look like again. Mostly because I know that when I look like that, I am truly living a healthy life style.

I have only a vague idea of how much I weighed in this picture, but I do know that I wore pants that were 1-2 sizes smaller, and bras that were 2 sizes smaller, and that my waist was 3 inches smaller than it is now.

We still have one month left on our weight watchers subscription, and I am going to continue to log my points and exercise until it runs out, I’m not sure what I am going to do after that, but I know that this picture motivated me to get back to that healthy place again.

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