Love Your Body-TODAY!

Did you know that today is Love Your Body Day? It is! So, whatever you are doing today, make sure you take a moment to reflect on why you love your body as it is today. Not tomorrow, not 10,20,100 pounds from now. Not 10 years ago, or 10 years from now. Today.

Today, I loved my body by going for a walk, eating nutritious food, honoring my craving for chocolate by eating a fun-size snickers bar (hooray for halloween candy), and treating it to an intense kettlebell workout, and refueling with more nutritious food.

In 2006 I worked as an AmeriCorps member at Alma Mater’s Women’s Center. One of our student groups was the Body Image Task force, and in honor of Love Your Body Day, they had a booth at the student union, and were stopping students asking them what they loved about their bodies, and taking polaroids and putting them up on a display board. There were a few people who were happy to have their pictures taken, and could rattle off what they loved about their bodies, but plenty of people couldn’t. If I hadn’t worked for the center, I probably would have been one of the people who just ignored the table, or rolled my eyes. As it was, I has my picture taken, and wrote the caption on it “I love my curves!” I barely believed it, I was still working on being comfortable with my body, but it helped me.

So, in that same vein, here are things I love about my body:
my hair (i know, it doens’t count, but I love my hair).
my curves
the tricep muscles that show up when I flex.
my legs for carrying me countless miles ans steps.
And Everything Else!

What do you love about your body? Come on, there has to be something!

This is my favorite Love Your Body Day Poster- I even turned it into a magnet for my fridge!

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