Points for Pounds: Week 6

Don’t forget to check out Steph’s blog to see how she did this week!

Um. Hello. It’s not Friday, and I haven’t posted in a week. Oops?
Let’s get to it:

Official Weigh In:
Week 1-September 3: +2.2
Week 2-September 10: -3.0
Week 3: September 17: + 0.6
Week 4: September 24: +/- 0
Week 5: October 1: -0.4
Week 6: October 10th: -3.8

WHOPPING LOSS! But…It’s because I had the stomach flu on Monday and Tuesday of last week.

So..I had the flu and on Monday I probably ate about 10 points total, and then threw them back up. Yum.
On Tuesday I probably ate 2/3 of my allotted points.

And then…I went to a conference in Yellowstone, and I forgot my laptop, so not only could I not post, I didn’t really track what I ate either. (Tracking on my phone sucks).

I had already weighed myself on Tuesday and chalked up the almost 4 pound lost to my extreme dehydration, and I was totally expecting myself to have gained all of it back when I weighed in on Sunday. My eating at the conference was sporadic and not healthy.

So, suffice it to say, I was shocked at the loss staring back at me on Sunday morning.

I’m still going to weigh in this Friday, and we’ll just go from there. I have to admit though, after a week, of not tracking I feel out of practice!

And, because posts with no pictures are boring, here area few from an “accidental” hike that we took on Wednesday afternoon. I was still recovering from the Flu and the stairs you see in the picture below were KILLER. My legs felt fine, but man alive my cardiovascular and respiratory systems were NOT impressed with the 500 stairs at elevation 8400 Feet!

yeah, these were a little scary!

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