Points for Pounds: Week 5

Don’t forget to check out Steph’s blog to see how she did this week!

I have to admit, I stepped on the scale with a BIT of trepidation this morning, again.

Especially after what I consumed last night, I’ll get to that in a minute.

Official Weigh In:
Week 1-September 3: +2.2
Week 2-September 10: -3.0
Week 3: September 17: + 0.6
Week 4: September 24: +/- 0
Week 5: October 1: -0.4

Yes, a loss this week, albeit not a very big one. But I was honestly expecting a gain. Partly because I was feeling like a negative nelly, but mostly because last night I went out to eat Mexican food. Super smart idea right? Talk about water retention due to salt…between the tortilla chips, refried beans, and salt rimmed margaritas. Two of them. Oy.

We tried a new restaurant last night, and I NEVER have two margaritas at restaurant, usually because they are sickly sweet and I always regret the dollars and calories I spend on them. But these were “homemade” ‘ritas for lack of a better word, no artificial margarita mix here. And boy were the delicious. I’m also going to pretend that the were less caloric.

Ok, so I’ve been thinking a lot about portion control this week, which is of course what Weight Watchers and weight loss , and really healthy eating is all about. Obviously the two margaritas and half a bowl of chips (split with my husband) is not a shining example of portion control, but normally I try really hard to portion control things that I KNOW I will let myself eat an unhealthy amount of. Two good examples, cereal and everyone’s favorite…ICE CREAM.

About six months ago I was browsing Ross during my lunch break, and I happened upon a set of measuring bowls in fun colors. I was initially attracted to their fun colors, but quickly realized that these bowls, which came in sizes from 2 cups down to a ¼ cup would be perfect for portion control.

My favorite bowl? The lime green ½ cup bowl. I use it almost exclusively for eating ice cream. Have you ever measured out ½ a cup of ice cream into a regular sized bowl? It’s sad looking, but in my bowl that is the exact right size, I get to fill it up to the brim.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still know that I’m only getting ½ a cup of ice cream, and this by NO means “tricks my mind” into thinking that I got a lot more than I did (like some diet books/tips say it will), but it forces me into being mindful of HOW MUCH I am eating, and really…that is the point isn’t it?

here it is in my hand, for another size perspective

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