mmmm..straight from the farm to my table

You see before you the veggie portion of my lunch. The dark brown stuff…is strips of CHOCOLATE bell pepper. I picked it up at the farmers market on Saturday. The farmer had me at “chocolate.”

It was really good. Sort of sweet, but no tang like you might get with a red bell pepper. I know that bell peppers can’t actually be “creamy” per se, but that was the word that jumped in my head when I thought of how to describe this one.

I was thinking about the components of my lunch today as I was wolfing it down. Wolfing because I had just returned to cubicle land after kettlebell, and man there is NOTHING like lunch after a good work out. No, I take that back…there is nothing like eating a delicious sandwich on the top of a mountain you just hiked. Yes, this also includes food and exercise, but with the added ambiance. Ok, I am WAY off topic here.

So my lunch. It consisted of: a wrap made with a locally made whole wheat tortilla, refried black beans, organic spinach, a local pesticide free tomato, and a laughing cow cheese wedge. So that is what….3/5ths local or organic. I also had the lovely veggies you see in the picture, the local bell pepper, and local carrots.

I don’t know if either of these veggies was organic, because it was not indicated at the stands I purchased them from. So, if we are counting each different food in my lunch as “one,” my lunch was 5/7ths local or organic. Let’s call it 70% because 70% sounds awesome.

When I shop at the farmers market, I tend to frequent the same stands for certain items. I always buy tomatoes from the family with the cute blond kids, carrots from a father and son, nectarines from a mother/son farming team, and bread from the people with the bright yellow tent. Other stuff, I sort of float around for. I do NOT specifically search out organic food at the farmers market. I guess in my mind, local produce, trumps organic. Now, if I find the produce is local AND organic, I guess I sort of consider it a farmer’s market jackpot.

Sadly, the farmer’s market is coming to an end next weekend, and it will be back to the organic produce I can find at Winco or Fred Myer.

What do you think….better to find local or organic? Is it always better to buy the “dirty dozen” organic, even if they come from mexico?

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