Points for Pounds: Week 3

I want a do-over. I’m going to just lay my weigh-in out there first. No fluffy stuff..just the facts.

Official Weigh In:
Week 1-September 3: +2.2
Week 2-September 10: -3
Week 3- September 17: +.6

Yes, a gain. Although it’s barely over half a pound.

My reactions went something like this: “Ugh. This is bullshit. I hate my scale. I hate weight watchers”. This is all while I was getting dressed to go on my morning walk. So, I guess it’s good that I didn’t let it derail me back into bed and giving up on my physical activity.

After I left the house for my walk my attitude shifted to this “ok, why didn’t I see a loss? I had an 8 point deficit in my tracker. Could it possibly be that I am not 100% honest/accurate while tracking my food?”

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. Or I guess, in this case a gainer (get it, I GAINED weight, oh man I’m so funny). I thought back to my week, an oreo here, a few M&M’s there…and while I tracked those things, did I REALLY count for how much I ate?
And then I realized “I am working the Weight Watchers System!” I don’t really notice it while I am doing it, but thinking back, I realized I will make small adjustments to the amounts I ate, to see a lower point value. Example: Peanut Butter. When I don’t use a measuring spoon to measure my peanut butter, I just make a guestimate, and GUARANTEED that estimate is lower than the actual.

So, in this three week journey, when I could be 3 to 6 pounds lighter than my starting weight, I’m only .2 pounds less than when I started, which….is essentially the same.

The other thing I realized this morning on my walk? Side note—walks are when I do all of my good life thinking—about my marriage, my friendships, work, my blog…it’s great.
I realized that in the past, this is the point where I would have thrown in the towel. Where I would have said “I’m meant to weigh what I weigh.” Which is a cop out that allows me to not put in any hard work. But, not this time, I am accountable to Steph and to my readers—all 3 of you. So, last week I vowed for my accuracy in my weigh tracking. This week I am vowing to measure, measure, measure my food, and to be realistic with my points.

Don’t forget to check out Steph’s post. She went to NYC this week (umm…Steph? Why is your life so fabulous? You got to go to NYC for work this week….I have to flip burgers at a back to school barbecue for teens tonight…oh the injustice of it!) and knowing her I’m sure she has some interesting stories to share.

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