one person’s trash…

In college I took an Anthropology 101 course. The class it’s self wasn’t anything to write home about, but our instructor had us do some pretty cool assignments. One of these assignments included recording everything that we threw away for a week. Then, we turned these lists in at class, our instructor made copies, took off everyone’s names, and then redistributed them. Our assignment was to then write a paper on the person whose trash list we were handed. It was interesting to see what people got right, and what people got wrong.

If someone were to do this with my closet, I think this is what they could deduce about me:
Plus size female (this is a given)
Prefers clothing in black, gray, white, maroon, red and maybe, but only maybe pink, green and blue.
Does not appear to like prints…at all.
Is clearly not fashion forward and sticks to the basics.
Has dreadfully large feet and clearly prefers comfort to style, as is evidenced by the TWO pairs of crocs and TWO pairs of Dansko clogs.

Right, so that sums it up. Although what they can’t tell from my closet is that I YEARN to be more fashion forward…I’m just not. And as for the shoes, I DON’T wear my crocs in public; they are what I use for slippers. I have flat feet and one leg that is shorter than the other. I have HAVE to have arch support, and the ability to wear my orthotic that evens out the length in my legs or my lower back gets all wonky. Yes wonky is a word.

Recently my husband and I have been able to add a line item to our monthly budget. A CLOTHING line item. Wooooohooooo! It’s probably fair to report that this was my HUSBAND’S idea. He said “both of our wardrobes need updating” Excuse me? I will be the judge of my own wardrobes needs, although, damn…he was right. We added $80 per month, and will be trading off months. He gets to use it in September and I get to use in October. I’m not quite sure why on the 15th of the month he hasn’t spent his $80 yet, I have already been mapping out what I will be doing with my $80 in October, December, February, April etc. Men.

So, as I’ve been making these lists, I’ve discovered something that I want. Something…out of the ordinary for me. Leopard print flats. Yes…I know some people jumped on the leopard print band wagon so long ago that they are chocking on the fact that I’ve never done leopard print. But…it’s just so cute, and it’s neutral. And…well…I have a tendency to wear gray slacks and black tops to work like 3x a week. Something’s gotta give!

What are your wardrobe staples?

PS-does it count as fashion forward if I get leopard print Dansko Clogs?

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2 Responses to one person’s trash…

  1. Mina says:

    I LOVE reading your blog. You have a great way of writing, and I always can agree with your topic of the day! (I guess it helps that we are female, 27, married, and friends….but we are on the same page in so many different ways!)

    You’re amazing. I love you. 🙂 Keep writing!

    My goal tonight: Get Nic to add a monthly clothing allowance into our budget. I’ll keep you posted.

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