Points for Pounds: Week 2

Don’t forget to check out how Stephanie did on week 2!

I started week two, on a bitter note, I’ll admit it. I was bitter at the scale for reflecting a 2 pound gain, I was bitter at my self for not paying close enough attention to the tenth of a pound on the scale (for accuracy reasons), and I was the most bitter that I was letting the scale make me bitter. I truly think that it is.so.easy. to become a slave to the scale. I absolutely don’t believe in weighing everyday, but I found my self weighing in on Sunday, just to see if those pounds I had gained were real or not. On Sunday I was down three pounds from my Friday weight.

I like posting this on Friday’s, but starting the “week” (a weight watchers week, where I get a whole new set of “Extra points” to burn through) is both nice and terrible. I like having those points “re-loaded” for the weekend to start, but it’s easy to blow through them, and then you are left with a week of what feels like deprivation. Ok, this week didn’t feel like I deprived my self, I’m being dramatic. It was certainly eye opening though.

I ate well this week, I enjoyed eating out with friends, beers at a bbq, and a wine tasting, but through that, I worked consciously at being mindful of how much I ate. I still ended up going over my allotted points, and burning through my extras pretty quickly, enough that I started Wednesday with a 5 point deficit.

Hello farmers market tomatoes, I missed you this week!


I earned 11 activity points on Wednesday, which is a considerable burn (thank you kettlebells, I love you), meaning I had a pretty high calorie deficit for THAT day, but I didn’t get to eat back all of those points, after my workout, because the WW system uses them to cover the extra calories you’ve already eaten. This left me STARVING last night. I did eat back 4 activity points.

This highlights for me, an issue I have with Weight Watchers. I guess, specifically weight watchers online program. There is no person to coach me through this, or explain things to me. I suppose I could look around the website, as it does have tons of resources, but there is nothing that makes you do that. My main issue with weight watchers, is that you can eat within your points, but eat food totally void of nutrition.

One of the best things about this whole weight watchers deal is the support that I am getting from Steph. We’ve been fully taking advantage of the technology we have at our fingertips and often text or gchat when we are having a moment of weakness (hello office candy dish), or want to share a success. She had a rockin labor day, so be sure to check out her blog with her week two recap.

Official Weigh In:
Week 1 – September 3: +2.2
Week 2 – September 10: -3

I have to admit, I held my breath when I got on the scale this morning, I had no idea what it would tell me. I can’t lie, the minus three makes me happy. I also, you might have noticed, changed how much I gained on week 1. I think I remember how much I weighed, to the tenth of a pound, so I adjusted my starting weight, last week’s weight, and then made sure to remember the decimal point and number following it for this week. More accuracy from here on out, I promise.

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2 Responses to Points for Pounds: Week 2

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  2. Sarah says:

    Keep up the good work Alli! I’ve been a member of “Club W” on and off for a few years. I find that when I track and count every point I’m the most successful. I totally understand being a “slave to the scale” though. For better (or worse) you become obsessed. I have only done the traditional route of weekly weigh-ins and meetings at a central location though. I felt I need more accountablity than then on-line method….

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