When good food goes bad

I take my kettlebell class twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. The Monday class is usually a little more rough than the Wednesday, as there have been 4 full days between sessions. Well, with a legal holiday this past Monday, it had been a full week between KB workouts for me. In this week, we had a big bacon-y (yes this is a word) breakfast with Scott’s parents, hosted a bbq, and had out of town guests. All of this means lots of really good food. And by really good I mean calorie and fat laden, also known as delicious.

I don’t restrict myself while eating, but I do try to maintain a balance. If I know that I will be enjoying a nice, rich dinner on Saturday night, I try to make sure that I have something like oatmeal for breakfast, and a balanced lunch that is sure to include veggies. I have my great meal, and then move on. Well with a few days of rich food, and more rich food, and extra desserts…my body was feeling it during class yesterday, bad. I seriously felt like I had regressed a month in my strength. I can only chalk this up to the amount of rich food that I enjoyed over the past few days, and the absolute dearth of vegetables and whole grains, also known as essential nutrients.

I had never really experienced this before. I’ve read accounts of how intense exercisers or athletes can tell the difference in their performance based on their nutrition, but I’d never really experienced it first hand. I’ve never worked out hard enough, or eaten poorly enough (well since I started living a more healthy lifestyle, there was period there when I probably had one or two servings of vegetables…A WEEK.).

I know we’ve all made ridiculous proclamations about drastic changes in behavior, “I’m never drinking again!” Sunday mornings in college anyone? I know I’m not the only one who said this, only to have a drink again on Monday night,when there was 2 for 1 specials at the best bar in town. But yesterday, as I struggled through my pushups, dripping sweat down my face, I said “I’m never eating crap again.”

Hold me to that on Friday night.

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