So, I take my kettlebell class on Mondays and Wednesdays during my lunch break. On those days I bring a backpack with workout clothes, a small towel, a change of underwear and few toiletries.

Today….I forgot my sports bra. Damn.

I really can’t workout in a regular bra, these DD’s just can’t take it. To top it off I have on a strapless bra today, so working out in that is completely out of the question. Besides, sweaty bra back under my work clothes? no thanks.

So, instead of not going to class…I go to WalMart to pick up a cheapie sports bra that will suffice for today. I disliked Wal-mart to begin with, and now I really do.

No selection. Seriously. They had ONE brand (Danskin) that looked like it was actually designed for moving. The other brand (Fruit of the Loom) just looked like lounging bras. There was NO WAY those bras were going to do aything for me, might as well have worn nothing. So I turned back to the Danskin section. ok. 1 style of sports bra for high impact (Kettlebells cannot be considered high impact, but like I said…with Double D’s everything is high impact). Sizes Small-XL. The tags do not delineate what Sm-Xl means. Does XL mean band width 38? 44? Cup Size?.

I refuse to not go to class I picked up the ONE XL high impact bra they had. I will be trying it out in 30 minutes.

You know what really gets me about this though? How can we expect larger people to lead active lives if they don’t have access to the right equipment. I realize that there are plenty of online and brick and mortar stores that DO sell larger sizes, but I didn’t have that option in the three hours between discovering I forgot my bra, and needing to use one. Also, those bras…those bras that are really good? They will set you back 60 bucks. What about the people who can’t afford to spend $60 on sports bra? Yet, we still expect lower income obese poeple to lose weight, and when we don’t we call them slobs.

End Rant.

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