Work your body…

So, we all know that I’ve become a kettlebell enthusiast right? I seriously love it. I go to my class twice a week, and struggle to make my self do any sort of non kettlebell strenth training (other than abs, I always add in a set of abs after my walk on Friday morning).

As I continue on with my training if you will, I am eager to master new skills. The newest being the “turkish get-up.” See below.

My instructor currently has a back injury, so she can’t teach us this move herself. She asked me to watch some videos on it, and then today in class we practiced and she corrected my form. Let me tell you, this is one of those exercises that looks deceptively easy. Ha.

It’s also one of those exercises that is easier, having correct form comes more easily, when one is using a heavy enough weight. I tried it the first time with a 4kg kettlebell. It worked me, I tried it with an 8kg, felt it, but it was easier….I think because my body had to work harder to get up.

I’m sad that my running didn’t work out, I truly am. But I feel like functional, strength training is something that my body excells at. I would really like to get my kettlebell workouts up to the next level.

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