The other day I was making myself breakfast and my husband said to me “you eat the weirdest most digusting stuff.” In fairness, I was mashing up a banana and it did look like baby food, but I was only doing that so I could spread it over the peanut butter on my toast, and peanutbutter and banana isn’t gross, plus if you don’t mash it the banana falls off. I think he was more referring to the spinach I put in my smoothies, my insistance on whole wheat flour and “flax eggs” in our baked goods, and my love for plain un-sweetened yogurt with berries and Kashi cereal.
So….he meant..the healthy food that I eat.

He isn’t the only one who comments, the other day I was eating a baked potato with black beans and hot sauce for lunch and my boss said, “Allison, you are the healthiest eater I know.”
Or, when I am knawing on whole carrots at my desk (see above picture). One of my co-workers walked in to my cube and just shook his head.

And you know what sad about all of those instances? That eating healthy is considered “weird.” and I am by no means a 100% healthy eater, but I would like to be.

My dad is a very healthy eater, with a very healthy sweet tooth. When I was a kid he used to make my brother and I drink what he calls a “power drink.” It contains; water, powdered vitamin c, nutritional yeast, and lethacin. Now THAT my friends, is wierd…and I no longer drink power drinks. But…other habits that my dad has, that I used to think were wierd…I do now. Like plain yogurt, and large containers of raw veggies every day.

I would rather be weird than un-healthy anyday.
Now I think I hear some carrots calling my name…

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4 Responses to weird….

  1. haha yea most ppl say im a health nut who eats sludge food lol. SLUDGE!?! no way!! YUMMY FOOD more like it! ❤ ❤

  2. My boyfriend does the same thing! Only with us, it generally causes arguments. I just have no tolerance for him saying that my food looks like, “– (insert bodily fluid)”. Whatever, it tastes good to me!

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