…but I’ve always done it this way…

There are people in this world who thrive on fast paced change, and adventures….thrill seekers.

I am not one of them.

I like my comfort zone. I like knowing that I am in a place (physically or emotionally) where I know people, and people like me. I like knowing where I live, and what my job is. I like not being afraid, nervous and anxious.

But…all of the times I’ve ever left my comfort zone, either on purpose or by accident? I’ve never once regretted it. never.

The idea of this post came to me yesterday in Kettlebell class. We all use various weights for different exercises, so we have a wide array of weights in our workout room. Our instructor teahes at various locations throughout the valley, and sometimes she has to transport weights around.
Well, the heaviest weight that I used is 24kg, for the double arm swing. I just started using that weight last week. I assumed I would use it for a while, as I gained more strength.
Well..the 24kg weight was at an alternate site yesterday when it came time for double arm swings. The only “heavy” weights we had were the 16kg and the 28kg. That is 35.2 and 61.6 pounds for those of you following along in american measurements.

I told my instructor “I can’t use the 28kg.” She said, “yes you can, just do 15 reps per set instead of 20.”
I made a face, not because she was wrong, but because…28kg!!!… that wasn’t in my plan…that wasn’t part of yesterday’s decided comfort zone.

But I did it, even though it was hard….and I felt accomplished and strong. Today I just feel sore! (Ok, and strong and accomplished).

Anyway, it made me think of all the times in my life that I’ve had a mentor/instructor/teacher/parent/friend/spouse push me out of my comfort zone, because they believed in my skills when I didn’t…or couldn’t. Many of the greatest moments of my life have resulted from those pushes, and I really will be eternally greatful.

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2 Responses to …but I’ve always done it this way…

  1. I related to this post in sooo many ways! I am a huge “comfort zone” person as well – and it seems like the older I get, the more reluctant I am to be pushed out of it. Nic (as we know) is a much more adventurous person. He is good at making me do things that I wouldn’t normally do….and I am so thankful that he is by my side.

    I think it’s awesome that you went with the heavier kettlebell….even if you are sore now! You go girl!

    • slowmiles says:

      Yeah, I thought about you while I was writing this post….umm…living in Vermont? Huge comfort zone change!
      I think it’s great that Nic is someone who pushes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do!

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