what could have been…

Well, tomorrow is the day of the half marathon that I wanted to run. Damn my shins.

I’ve recently started thinking about running again. Starting over from the beginning…for my shins. Making sure that I do EVERYTHING right, stretching, shin strengthening exercises, icing, good shoes etc.

It’s ok with me, if a half marathon isn’t in my future ,it really is…but I am missing the sense of accomplishment that I felt each time I ran a new distance.

I do get that sense of accomplishment from Kettlebells though. Each time I go up in weight (which I did this week! I am now using a 20kg–44lbs kettlebell for swings and highpulls) I feel proud and strong. Every time I can hold plank just a little bit longer with out dropping to my knees..I feel accomplished.

But, I miss running, and I miss my slight runners high! Cardio on the elliptical just isn’t the same. There is just something about running….

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