Work is crazy busy for me this week. I coordinate day camps, and one started this week, and two more start next week. In addition to starting the planning for all of our fall programs, my busy level jumped like 80% from last Friday to this Monday.
It’s all good, I like being busy, and I LIKE being busy with summer camp stuff.

But man oh man, do I like going home at 5pm.

Yesterday I was exahusted. Between running around for work, and a super intense kettlebell workout at lunch, I was WIPED by the time 4:30 rolled around. I need to post about kettlebells..the things have changed my exercise life.

When I arrived home my husband and I took our dog to the dog park, and walked a leisurely mile while discussing our upcoming trip to Alaska (!!!!!). We then came home, had dinner (made by my husband), I had 1/2 a beer and was ready to sleep. It doesn’t get dark here until 10:00pm, so…I literally went to bed when the sun was still up last night. It.was.glorious.

Sometimes when I think about healthy living and losing weight, I get really wrapped up in my morning workout, and I forget that it is just as important to be fully rested and to let your body recover from the night before. Turning off my alarm at 5:30 this mornign and resetting it for 6:20am was exactly what my body needed.

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