the time to try

Again, I want to preface this post with saying that I’m not intending for this blog to turn into a Trying to Conceive blog, or a pregnancy blog, but this is whats on my mind today.

Last night I had a converstaion with an old friend. We were friends in 5th and 6th grade until she moved to Hawaii, we’ve kept in contact over the years, but more and more sporadically as we’ve gotten older. We spent an hour on the phone last night, laughing like the old friends that we are. We are both married now, no kids. The only difference? She and her husband have been “trying” for a year and a half. She told me her advice to me, was to “pull the goalie” as soon as I realized that my reaction to positive pregnancy test would no longer be panic. (That happend for me as soon as I had a stable job with insurance). Not to wait until you actually want the little baby, but to start sooner. She said that she wished she had, and then she wouldn’t have spent the last 18 months feeling frustrated every time Aunt Flo showed up.
It got me to thinking…what if we did have a hard time trying? I know its a super emotional and hard thing to experience. Once you know you want a baby, and you make strides for that to happen, is it hard to going back to being ok with “just the two of us?”

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2 Responses to the time to try

  1. Krissie says:

    I think, for us, it was about never really “trying.” if we try and don’t succeed, would we be failing?I refuse to refer to anything with my husband as a failure.

    As much as I would love a baby, and as hard as the last few weeks have been, I’m not any less content with my little family. It’s not hard to “go back” to just the two of us. Because that is the foundation of everything in my life. Everything else is just details.

    Best of luck in everything – the decisions, the efforts, the results. We pulled the goalie 6 years ago. I’ve been all over the spectrum emotionally. Feel free to email me about anything!

    • slowmiles says:

      I think that is SUCH a good way to look at it, refusing to look at anything with your husband as a failure.
      Also, Krissie, I think you are such a strong woman!

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