You might remember this post.

Well…today was the conclusion of our wellness challenge, and I just went to my final “weigh-out.”
So…by the numbers…I did not lose any weight. I GAINED 1.5 inches on my waist, LOST half an inch on my hips, but managed all of this while losing 5% of my body fat.

Well…I agree that I didn’t lose anyweight. I’m not quite sure I gained 1.5 inches on my waist..maybe I did.
The number i’m thinking most about is that body fat percentage.
According to the tester, the calipers have a 3-5 percent error rate.
My initial bodyfat percentage was 35.4 (or 30-40% for a range). Today it was 30.4 (so…25-35%). And, it was the same woman measuring with the same set of calipers, so even though my change is within the +/- range…i’m counting it.

Why? Because I do feel stronger. I know that my abs are much, much more firm. I know that today in kettlebell class I did all of my exercises with kettlebells that are 2x the weight I started with a few months ago.
While getting on the scale makes me want to have lost weight…i’m not sad that I didn’t. I’m proud of the new fitness direction that I am heading, and proud of what I can do in kettlebell bootcamp class.

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  1. Kelly says:

    SWEET!! You ARE strong!!

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