It’s peanutbutter jelly time….

Hello Friends! I’m back for a quick post. Things are finally slowing down at work….so I’m hoping to be back to blogging as usual in the near future. I have a few posts floating around in my head….

Today I wanted to post about something amazing I found at the grocery store last night….

The elusive peanutbutter and jelly larabar! eeeeeee!
You see…living in Idaho means that my choices for foods like this are limited. We don’t have a whole foods, we don’t have a trader joes. We do have ONE co-op in a valley where 300,000 people live (because why would anyone want to eat anything other than meat and potatoes? or…if you are a “healthy eater” obviously you want to eat lean cuisine..right?), but it’s 20 miles away from my house, and I don’t feel very green when I go there. Fred Myer does have a natural food section, and I am able to buy organic dairy, and local sandwich bread, and greek yogurt there. They also carry larabars…but only about 5 flavors. I sort of burnt myself out on larabars about two years ago….until I spied the peanutbutter and jelly flavor last night.
I’m eating it as a type this…and its….amazing.

Now if I could just get my hands on the coconut cream pie flavor!

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5 Responses to It’s peanutbutter jelly time….

  1. Kelly says:

    Too cute….if you ever want I can mail you some! Just let me know what flavors you want to try!

  2. Kelly says:

    Well if I see it next week on my grocery I wil grab a few…any other flavors? My HEB is like a Larabar factory…we have them ALL! haha!

  3. This is my favorite flavor too! I’m going to try recreating when I’m home in the states with a food processor. If it works I’ll let you know the recipe!

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