eating emotions

I am an emotional eater. Big time. I’ve grown alot in this area, I no longer binge on junk food in secret to deal with my feelings, but it’s still alive and well in my personality.

Example, my mom called me this morning to tell me that my Dad is in the hospital (he’s ok, just some blood clots in a few places, but he is doing well and responding to meds, they just want to keep him to make sure the meds work, and that the clots aren’t migrating). My first response (well second response, my first reaction was tears) was to eat. Now, I did wait until I felt a little hungry, but instead of eating my apple and string cheese (my standard morning snack) I headed straight for this sweet treat. Points for it being organic and whole grain? I said to my self, “self, you are eating because you are upset.” and myself said to myself ‘yes, yes I am, and I’m acknowledging it, and I’m going to eat anyway.”

The ability to recognize my emotional eating while it happened, was a big step for me. And, to be honest, it doesn’t happen so much anymore, and when it does…I can normally redirect myself.

Today I didn’t want to, and I’m ok with that.

Oh and for the record…Sin Dawg (the link above)? A.MAZING. seriously.

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2 Responses to eating emotions

  1. Kelly says:

    I am sorry about your Dad and my thoughts are with you. But you defintely could have eaten something a lot worse…I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it! Hang in there! 🙂

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