Oh Dear Blog, I’m sorry for neglecting you for the past couple of weeks. I’ve just been super busy you see!

In seriousness though, work has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. I’ve got about a month of downtime until the real fun starts (summer activities). I admittedly am terrible about blogging in the summer…but I’ll do my best.
I feel like I need to make an “update post.” to catch everyone up. But instead of paragraphs of blathering nothing, I’ll make a list…..which for me means shorter paragraphs of blathering nothing!

1. I have not run at all, save 30 seconds the other day because I was walking so fast my body wanted to run. After exercise on the elliptical and really fast walking, I can feel my shins ache ever so slightly, which reinforces to me that it was a good idea to take a running break for an undetermined amount of time.

2. I joined Sparkpeople.com Which, I have to admit, surprised even me. I did it under the ruse of tracking my protein grams (for the challenge at work) but the real reason is that my wobbly bits were feeling extra wobbly, and even with an increased amount of exercise the number on the scale has been slowly creeping up. It was time to start being accountable for all the little things that I eat. When I lost 25 (umm…20 now) pounds a few years ago I did not count calories and I did not track everything i ate, but I ate really really well. I did not make five trips to the office candy jar (mini reeses cups anyone) that I’ve been doing lately.
So, in the vein of full disclosure I suppose I’m tracking calories in and out, but I’m not obessive about it. I still eat dessert and I still eat 2000-2300 calories a day.

3. I lifted 180,500 pounds during our 3 week weight lifting challenge, and came in 5th overall. Something that I’m pretty proud of, plus 180,000+ pounds seems like a lot!

4. I’m still making my weekly recipes in an effort to par down my cookbook collection. I made two new recipes this week actually…one of them will be consumed toinght (a crockpot recipe). I’ll post tomorrow.

5. I continue to take and love Kettlebells. They are my new obsession.

6. Ok I’ll stop now, but I promise to post more!

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3 Responses to We…were…on…a…BREAK!

  1. Stephanie J. says:

    I’d love to know your thoughts on Sparkpeople! Let me know how it goes and if you would recommend it. I’m proud of you Alli!

    • slowmiles says:

      I like it so far. I really like that it’s free (I HATE the idea of paying for something I could do on my own–like count calories in and out with pen and paper, or weight watchers, I just can’t understand paying for what we all already know–eat less, move more).

      I also like that you get so many options with it, like you can make it very cusotmizable. It gives you a calorie range depending on your goal (tone up, maintain, lose weight etc) and it auto adjusts how many calories you should eat, depending on your assumed (you have to tell it) exercise level.
      It really helped me see how I get my calories and nutrients, and really let me see a pattern in my eating (like after kettlebell class I dont’ eat that much, but the next day I am ravenous).

  2. run4mymoney says:

    Sorry to hear you are still having shin issues! I was plagued with shin issues for almost a year – I don’t know exactly what changed it and I wish I had a magical solution for you.

    Love love love sparkpeople! I used to track calories everyday. I need to get back to that. The recipes and recipe calculator are great tools as well.

    Your pink sprinkly donut is making me drool!

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