Weekly Recipe: Turkey Chilaquiles

Ok, I admit it, last week I skipped my weekly recipe! I picked out a cookbook (it was a “Taste of Home” cooking magazine) and could not find one thing that i would make for my husband and I for dinner….so I recycled it.

This week, I made a recipe out of this cookbook:

This is similar to another cookbook that I have, my mom purchased it from a neighboor kid who was selling it as a fundraiser. I’ve had it for 4 years and never used it until now.
This is the recipe I chose-mostly because it wasn’t too easy, too full of crap foods, or time consuming

Pretty straight forward, and I didn’t have to buy a ton as I already had some corn tortillas in my freezer and a can of enchilada sauce. I did sub ground turkey for the beef. I can’t bring myself to buy beef from the grocery store these days.

Then…I fried the tortillas! Frying is sort of foreign to me, my mom NEVER friend anything, and the only thing I’ve ever fried was chicken wings (The Pioneer Woman’s recipe–to.die.for. seriously make these and be everyone’s best friend, although I only friend them once, now I bake them.)

And they turned into these delicious homemade chips–like you get at your favorite mexican restaurant. Seriously, I am not buying tortilla chips ever again. I’m buying tortillas…and freezing them until I want chips, and then I’m going to eat them when they are warm and delicious.

never going back.

So, while I was frying these, I was browning the turkey and mixing up the sauce.
I then layered the tortillas in a casserole and topped with browned turkey, olives and jack cheese. I ended up with two layers, cheese being the last one.
I popped it in the oven until the cheese was melted and delicious.
We were so hungry that I forgot to take a picture!
This was really good, and really not the healthiest meal I’ve ever made, but it made a great main dish served with carrots and roasted aspargus.
I would def. make it again–it would be a great potluck dish!

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