Strange inspiration

Lady Ga-Ga rockin it

Every morning I watch the Today Show while I eat my breakfast. Today I just didn’t feel like tuning into the news, so I flipped to MTV. Apparently 7am is when MTV actually shows music videos. Remember when they were on all the time?
Anyway, the video for Lady Ga-Ga’s bad romance was on. I’ve never seen it before, and I was quite intrigued. I have to admit…I sort of love Lady GaGa–even though she appears to be certifiable. Her music has grown on me, but mostly I admire her ability to totally rock crazy outfits. I’ve been thinking alot about body image lately, and while I don’t know a THING about GaGa–she appears to have figured out who she is, is comfortable with it, and doesnt’ apologize for who she is.
And…I would kill for her abs. Seriously.

I did my run yesterday…afternoon! in the Sunshine! Even though there were 15mph hour winds…I skipped my morning run on purprose to be able to run in the daylight. I was able to wear short sleeves and capri’ was amazing. But my run…wasn’t. My shin pain is back, but in a different way. It’s lower this time, and i’m wondering if these Pearl Izumi’s I’m running in aren’t giving me enough cushion (i’m a big girl…I need some extra padding for my extra padding!). and maybe it is time to see a sports doc, or a physical therapist.
OR…is it possible that some people just aren’t built to run?

Run stats:
Distance 2.03 miles
Time: 27’30”
Pace:13.44 min/mil (a pick up in pace!)
Weather: 58 degrees and HARD Wind!

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5 Responses to Strange inspiration

  1. I love Lady Gaga! She is aammmaazzzing!

    But I will say this, I am not made for running. Some people are made to run for miles, or bike, or swim, or dance. I have bad knees and ankles and my hips aren’t quite aligned, leaving me in a painful running routine. Instead I’ve found sports and activities that suit my body’s needs (i.e. yoga, spin class and swimming). Also, due to my family history of arthritis, I’ve keep my joints in optimal health through these gentler exercises and certain vitamins I take daily. I really think you just need to listen to your body. Maybe your body needs a break and you’ll come back to running later? Everyone goes through phases…I understand your desire to keep running but is there something you need to look at around your attachment to what running IS to you? Just throwing it out there!

    • slowmiles says:

      I’ve been trying to respond to this comment for a few days, but wordpress won’t let me? Wierd since this is MY blog. anyway….thank you for your comment. It really made me think, and take a step back. I know exactly what my attachment to running is about–I see it as the pinnacle of fitness (right or wrong), and the ability to run long distances is super admirable to me (as are tons of other things, hello Bird of Paradise pose in yoga) so, I think I feel like if I could run, then I am truly healthy and fit, which I realize is not the case.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey girl….love Gaga! She totally rocks it!

    As for the shin pain…I am at a loss. I feel like it should have gotten better by now….so sorry honey!

  3. Kelly says:

    I found this and thought of you:

    The third most common running injury is shin splints, which are micro-cracks along the inner portion of the large bone in the lower leg. Shin splints are associated with overtraining or not resting enough. If untreated, they can become full-on stress fractures, which are true breaks in the bone due to overtraining. Shin splints cause intense pain across the front of your leg below your knee while running.

    Maybe you should go get an x-ray to rule out a stress fracture???

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