Weekly Recipe: Mini Turkey Loaves

This week’s recipe was a challenge for me. It came from this cookbook-

This was pre Rachel Ray I think.

My aunt gave me a stack of her cookbooks a few years ago, and this one was one of them. It’s one of the cookbooks that I have NEVER made a recipe out of. And, to be honest–I probably won’t again, aside from this recipe. Most of the recipes were for meals that I no longer need a recipe for (like grilling chicken and putting it over salad) or were meals that we just don’t eat. I am going to copy this recipe down, becuase it was great.

I mixed the following ingredients:
ground turkey
dijon mustard
an apple
1/2 an onion
salt and pepper

and then plopped the mixture into a muffin pan. I think my muffin pan has bigger cups..or I filled them really full. The recipe didn’t specify how full, so I filled till it was even with the top and only filled 9 muffin cups, and the recipe said it would make 12.

I forgot to take a picture–lame I know– so here is the picture from the cookbook.

Lovely isn’t it. I didn’t serve with cranberry relish on top (which is what’s pictured) although it would have been good. I just used some bbq sauce.
Overall this was great recipe and I love the “mini loaf” concept.

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4 Responses to Weekly Recipe: Mini Turkey Loaves

  1. Kelly says:

    How cute…mini meatloafs! GENIUS!

  2. Simply Life says:

    sounds like a good recipe!

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