Man, I’ve been sort of MIA around here! Yesterday I stayed home sick from work. I don’t think I actually had the influenza (flu) virus. It was more of a 24 hour stretch of stomach pain, cramps and the inability to be more than 15 feet away from the bathroom? TMI? sorry…..I’m not very good at keeping things to myself.

Due to my stunning digestive pyrotechnics ( can anyone name the movie???) on Sunday/Monday I didn’t go for my scheduled run today. I wanted to….oh so badly. When my alarm went off, my husband said “seriously? Weren’t you sick yesterday?” So…I went for a leisurely 1.12 mile walk instead. I probably could have run, but I know my body was still rehydrating and recouping…so I begrudingly played it safe.
BUT! I did run on saturday and have felt great since. I’m seriously loving the run/walk galloway method.

Here are Saturday’s run stats:
Time: 26 minutes
Pace: 13 min/mile (Hooray. something OTHER than 14!)
Distance: 2 miles
Weather: 40 gorgeous degrees.

I’m looking forward to another Kettlebell class tomorrow and getting back to my running schedule on Thursday.

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6 Responses to catch-up

  1. genesis says:

    congrats on getting faster. it feels good doesnt it. i had my fastest run to date yesterday.

  2. run4mymoney says:

    I’m happy to hear that you are recovering; from the shin injury and the flu! 13 min/mile is awesome. It sounds like training is getting better for you and I hope the momentum continues.

  3. Kelly says:

    Awesome that you broke 14! Woot! Sorry you were sick…no good!

    • slowmiles says:

      It was no good…but at least it was short. and thanks for your support on my mile time! It’s hard to be doing 14’s when a few months ago I was consistently between 12.5-13.1 !

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