Weekly Recipe: Penne with shrimp and spring veggies

This week’s recipe was something totally new for me! Well..ok only one part was new…cooking with Shrimp!
It came from this little mini mag/ cookbook thing. I’m pretty sure it was an impluse buy at the checkout stand of the grocery store!

This little guy is full of great, eays recipes. I had a hard time choosing! I will def. be keeping this one!

I started off by boiling water and cooking the pasta.

look! White pasta! This was especially for my husband, who recenly told me he hates the whole wheat penne I’d been using.

When it was almost done I add the shrimp and some snow peas.

When those finished cooking I added some more fun ingredients: feta, lemon juice, fresh mint, and olive oil.

All together:

I could never be a food blogger! No pretty presentations from me. 🙂

This was pretty good! It would have been better with the asparagus that the recipe called for, but my husband refuses to eat asparagus….so I saved the couple bucks and just skipped it. It was a little bland…but I think that is because I tend to be really cautious when a recipe says “add salt and pepper to taste,” I think I’m afraid of oversalting!

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2 Responses to Weekly Recipe: Penne with shrimp and spring veggies

  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE SHRIMP!!! Love it! This looks like such a great meal! Tomorrow night Keith and I are going to dinner at a seafood place and I can 99% almost gaurantee that I will be getting shrimp! 🙂

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