The Bell Tolls

pretty kettlebells

So I think I’ve mentioned before that I work for a city. Our City has a Wellness Committee (which I serve on) whose mission is to promote health and wellness in our employees. The committee sponsors several exercise classes (paying for half the cost) provides a massage therapist twice a month (again picking up half the cost), works with a local hospital to provide health/wellness resources, and sponsors the wellness challenge yearly.

As a member of the committee, and after being hounded by a co-worker, I figured I should take one of the classes offered to me. So I signed up for Kettlebell Boot Camp, and went today from noon to 1pm.

HOT DAMN this is a good workout! When I got to the class, I introduced myself to the instructor and she told me to get two 4 pound, 1 six pound and 1 eight pound kettlebell. I thought to myself “4 pounds? HA! I laugh in the face of 4lbs.” Let me tell you…I was NOT laughing at the end of class.

It was total body workout, and in fairness…I probably could have used heavier weights for some of the exercises. The instructor also had me only do half the reps for my first time. Although halfway through our arm circuit she did tell me that I was clearly pretty strong and could probably used 6 pound kettlebells after my second class. This was after I tried the 6 pound bells for a shoulder exercise and could only do 8 reps. Yes. 8 reps with 6 pounds. (In each hand).


I didn’t wear a HR monitor or anything, but everything I’ve found on the internet says that Kettlebell workouts result in MAJOR calorie burn.

If you get a chance, check out a class in your area!

Oh, and on a side note….no shin pain today, nada. Excited for another 2miler using the galloway method tomorrow!

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10 Responses to The Bell Tolls

  1. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE kettlebell workouts! They are amazing. I’m gonna have to find a class around my hood, though recently I’ve wanted to take up Pilates a few times a week. Hmmm….so many choices!

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh…go to my blog. Keith posted his second kettlebell workout today!!

  3. genesis says:

    i did a solo KB workout once and I honestly hurt for ages.

    i wish our university could pick up half the cost for us. i guess their mentality is that the Rec Center is already cheap, but their class times are inconvenient.

  4. run4mymoney says:

    love love love kettlebells! We had an instructor come to our work and teach classes.

    btw…you totally reminded me of “Parks & Rec” by partaking in the class as part of the City Wellness Committee. Did you see the episode where Leslie invited all the community ed. instructors to her house to decide which programs to keep? Love it!

    • slowmiles says:

      hahaha. oh man. I’ve only seen a few episodes of “Parks and Rec” but….that show kills me. it is SO what working in government is like (although obviously more over the top). I’ll have to find the episode you are talking about, especially because 80% of my job is organizing community ed!

  5. run4mymoney says:

    Here is a link to the Parks and Rec show:
    The episode is called “Leslie’s House if you want to watch it on another site. Enjoy!

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