millions of questions

Monday already?! My weekend flew by!
I started my weekend with some poor food choices on Friday night. We had plans to meet some friends at a bar and grill…but didn’t want to spend money on food there. Due to poor planning and an excessive eating of our fresh food (bread, fruit, veggies, sammie fixins’) we didn’t have anything “healthy” to grab and go. This resulted in us going to Wendy’s. UGH. I haven’t had fast food in 2010 yet…and was hoping not to. I just had a single burger with no cheese and no mayo, and a few fries. Then….at the bar and grill someone ordered chips and queso for the table…which of course I couldn’t resist.
Now, please don’t get me wrong…I’m not beating my self up about this, I don’t think I’m a bad person, or do I think that food was “bad” (I don’t believe food has inherent moral value), but It wasn’t the best choice for my body. I only had one beer….but man oh man did I feel like CRAP the next morning! I woke up to go on my run/walk..and just felt awful. Sluggish and sort of nauseous.
I did go out for two miles, and my ONE MILE of running was tough, I had ZIP energy.

I blame it on the processed crap food…after having pretty healthy clean eating habits for the last 2 months. I used to read on Kath’s blog about how she felt like she had a “food hangover” and I never really bought it. Now..I do.

So…on to my run/walk. I ran a little further than I meant to on Thursday (1.2 miles instead of 1.1, I’m a stickler for plan) so I dialed it back a bit on Saturday and ran only 1 mile. I realize that one tenth of a mile would probably not send me careening over the edge of shin pain, but still.
Here are my stats:
time: 29 minutes
pace: 14.5 min/mil
Distance: 2 miles
temp: 39 degrees.

I immediately came home and stretched, focusing alot on my calves and hamstrings. Prior to my run I put two damp tea towels in the freezer. When I got home (and after I stretched and cooled down) I lay down on the couch, put my legs up on the arm rest, and draped the towels over both shins.
So far? My shins feel pretty good….which has me thinking about running and shin splints and half marathons…here is the list of questions in my head:
1.If I was running 3 miles prior to my shin splints, how much should I run as i get back into it?
2. Could I increase mileage at a faster rate to get back to where I was..if I listen to my body and don’t push my self?
3. If I don’t increase at a faster rate, and follow the most recent plan i’ve dreamed up, I’ll only be up to running a little over 5 miles on race day….will my body even be conditioned to walk the rest of the 13.1 miles? Does it matter?
4. Should I think about training with the Galloway method?
5. If I do the Galloway method, should I try it this week and run 4 minutes and walk 1 for a duration of 2 miles? This would increase my mileage at a rater faster than 10%….

Right…those are the things rolling around in my head. There are times that I wish life was one size fits all and there was a clear way to go about these things!

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2 Responses to millions of questions

  1. run4mymoney says:

    First of all, that tortilla skillet dinner looks awesome! Oh, how I wish I had the magic answers for you. I dialed back my training for a few weeks, but kept up my cardio endurance with biking, elliptical, etc. When I was ready to run again, I picked up at the same mileage where I left off. Everyone has different opinions on training. The most important thing is to listen to your body and know when you need to rest or keep going. Your mind wants to quit long before your body will ever give out. If you have the mindset and determination to finish this thing, running, walking, or crawling – then you will! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kelly says:

    That is a FABULOUS idea to freeze towels…I am gonna try that!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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