Weekly Recipe:Turkey Tortilla Skillet

So, I actually made this recipe THIS week.

I have to admit…I’m a sucker for one pot or one pan meals!

The recipe came from this publication:

The recipe is here:

I did modify this recipe–I didn’t add the black beans. Not because I didnt’ want to, but because I forgot to buy some, and couldn’t be bothered to go to the store and get them. In combination with the fact that my husband would pick all of the beans out..I skipped them.
I also doubled this recipe (to serve 4 in theory) so we could eat it as leftovers for lunches the next day. I almost always cook for 4 for this reason.

Here is the meat meat, seasoning and olives in the pan:

Here are the extras–I mixed in the cut up tortillas, and then sprinkled the diced jalapeno’s and cheese on top.
And here it is all finished:

melted cheese is ALMOST as good as chocolate


I sort of felt like this needed to be served with something–so I dumped 2 cups (about) of spinach in a bowl and put a serving of this over it. Pretty good! And a good use for spinach that was on it’s last leg.

The Verdict?–this was really good and flavorful (unlike every other recipe i’ve ever made from this magazine series) but I think was due to the large amounts of taco seasoning the recipe called for. I’ll probably make it again though: it was easy, only used on pan, and my husband loved it. Sucess!

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4 Responses to Weekly Recipe:Turkey Tortilla Skillet

  1. genesis says:

    one pan meals are absolutely the best kind of meals.

    ive made something similar to this. ill have to try this recipe sometime.

  2. Kelly says:

    Anything you make in one pot is a winner!

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