This picture is only mildly relevant, but it made me laugh!

This morning I woke up with my left thigh hurting…a TON! I did my strength training yesterday, and incorporated some squat jumps (something I like to avoid, cause you know…they hurt….and work!), and oddly only my left leg is sore? Probably something to do with it being my shorter leg blah blah blah.

I did not use my incredibly sore leg as an excuse to not run this morning, not gonna lie, the thought did cross my mind.

I mixed it up this morning and ran my “loop” in the opposite direction.
Time: 28 Minutes
Pace: 14 min/mil
Distance: 2 miles
Weather: 33 degrees and FOGGY!

My shins felt pretty good! They were a bit sore yesterday (a non run day–maybe those squat jumps?) so I was nervous that they were going to be hurting, which then sent me into a tizzy about never being healed and never running again (this all occured at 4:15am–I eventually fell asleep and go over it!).

I made sure to stretch really well, and iced my shin directly after my run. I’ll probably ice them again this afternoon.

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4 Responses to Squat.

  1. Kelly says:

    Good job on still running! When you are sore from a strength workout…moving the next day is the BEST thing for your body!! You are awesome!!

    I am glad your skins didn’t hurt too bad. Definitely ice…ice is a girl’s best friend…not diamonds! haha!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey girl…I ran across a blogpost that immediately made me think of you. Check this out:


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