So, I figured out my new training plan, the one that I outlined yesterday.
If I start adding 10% to my weekly mileage…I will only be up to running about 5.6 miles on the day of the Half Marathon.
If my training hadn’t been derailed by my shins….I had PLENTY of time to train. I had a plan worked out where I was going to work my way up to 6 miles a day, increasing my mileage per week by 10% and then I was going to follow this plan (the beginners), from the lovely Kelly. It was perfect and I felt confident. After this month of setbacks, and taking my mileage WAY down to keep myself healthy…I just don’t know.

I’ve learned the hard way with my back injury that following doctors/therapists etc. orders are imperative to healing and long term health. I truly believe that you only get one shot at the original body that the Lord gave you, and taking care of it is important.

So..that being said…I don’t think I’m going to try to push myself to be able to run the whole 13.1 miles on June 19th. I don’t think it would be prudent.

But, my question is…do I sign up for the half, run what I can and walk the rest? OR do I sign up for the 5k portion of the race and find another half to aim for as my first?

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4 Responses to smack!

  1. Kelly says:

    Yay! I am so glad you are going to follow that schedule! That is the one I followed for my first one! So I am a believer!!

    In response to your question…I would sign up for the entire half and then see how you feel. You can ALWAYS just run the 5K but if you feel like doing more then you will have that option! đŸ™‚

    • slowmiles says:

      I do want to follow the schedule, but I think it will bump my mileage up too quickly (at least at this point, with my shins) or do you think maybe it wouldn’t? I’m not really as well versed in this whole “training” thing as you are!

      I think I am leaning towards signing up for the full half, and running what I can, and even if I walk 7 miles of it…I still would have finished!

      • Kelly says:

        I think you should attempt the schedule and just see. If you feel any discomfort then back off…but give it a try and see. Another great way to not lose your endurance is to do other cross training activites too…ellipitcal, biking, swimming. Have you thought about incporating other forms of endurance exercise to help ease the impact on your shine?

      • slowmiles says:

        I like the try it and see idea….it’s not like I can’t stop running if the pain is too great. Sometimes i have too much of an “all or nothing” attitude.
        I haven’t yet really thought about other cardio to keep my endurance up, I think I was sort of hoping that my shin would be ok within a week of the pain and I wouldn’t need to, but it seems like I do.

        So…what would your suggestion be? I was sort of feeling like I needed to be able to run 3-4 miles regularly before I started the program you listed on your site. I said..I was on track for. Also, how often do you think I should run or do another form of endurance exercise?

        Sorry for my millions of questions!

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