running fever

Spring is just around the corner and I want to run!!! I’m ready for my shin to be healed, and this week I am feeling impatient with my 2 miles run/walk course. I did two miles yesterday:
Time: 28 Minutes
Pace: 14 min/mil
Distance: 2 miles
Temp: 33 degrees.

I probably ran about 1.12 miles of this. Everything felt ok. I went to the gym later in the evening and did week four (?) of the winter shape up plan from the Fitnessista. Seriously, try the Saxon Side Bends…talk about a core workout!

My shin was a little sore this morning, but not too bad. I wonder if maybe lunges aggravate my shin pain? too much strain on my leg?

Anyway…I know that I just have to be patient, but…I don’t want to, I just want to run!

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6 Responses to running fever

  1. genesis says:

    i have the running itch too. i have not even set foot on a treadmill in almost 3 weeks all because of my darn shins. hopeful this rest will be worth it.

    good job on the run/walk.

    i try to avoid lunges because i get the same result too. the strain placed on the calf/shin from lunging and trying to return to standing position can be tough.

    • slowmiles says:

      You hae made me the happiest person ever, because I LOATHE lunges. I’ll have to figure out some diferent exercises to work those muscles though!
      I think it will be worth the rest. I have to keep telling myself that. Better to rest than run and end up with a stress fracture.

      Plus, it will be spring soon and spring is beautiful on the palouse. i’m jelaous. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    My heart totally goes out to you…hang in there!

  3. Oh, I hope that the shin problems go away soon! I avoid lunges in general, as they tend to aggravate my shins far more than running ever has.

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