Weekly Recipe: Chicken Divan

Ok, I know I said I would be posting weekly recipes, and I’ve punked out on the last two weeks, BUT I promise I have a good reason, and one of those weeks I did make a new recipe! I made a penne pasta with pumpkin sausage sauce. It was blah. It sounded like it should be good…but it was really bland. It was from a Cooking for 2 Magazine. Last week, on the night that I was planning on making my new recipe we were invited ot have dinner with my Sis and Brother-in-law and how do you pass up someone elses cooking AND a chance to hold your 3 week old nephew! So, that recipe I’m also going to cook this week.

But…onto THIS week’s NEW recipe. Broccoli Chicken Divan.
It is from this cookbook

My mom gave me this cookbook as a Christmas gift the year I got married. She bought it from a student who was selling them as part of a fundraise for her home economics class. The recipes in are from various home ec. Teachers around my parents area.
These are all pretty simple and involve lots of “frankenfoods.” It was perfect for someone who hadn’t really moved past the “grill some chicken in the foreman and pair it with pasta and a can of greenbeans” cooking stage. For the record there is nothing wrong with that meal, and I still make versions of it today.

There is the recipe. I chose it because a) it’s something I’ve never made per my resolution and b) it used some items that I had in my pantry that otherwise don’t get used (cough cough breadcrumbs with 40 fake ingredients cough cough).

I started by cutting up some broccoli and putting it in a casserole dish, meanwhile cooking chicken breasts that I had cut up into cubes on the stove.

slightly blurry! oops.

I think mixed cream of broccoli soup with some milk

Grated some cheese

I love my little prep bowls!

And toasted some breadcrumbs on the stove in a bit of butter

so many ingredients....scary!

This smells like thanksgiving!

I then put the cooked chicken on top of the broc and covered that with the milk/soup mixture. On top of that went the grated cheese and finally the bread crumbs.
Baked for 15 minutes at 450.

This was actually really good and not like things I usually make. I suppose if we don’t count the “fake” foods…it isn’t totally unhealthy. I paired it with whole wheat penne pasta….because I pair everything with whole wheat penne pasta.

So I’ve been thinking that I should use my resolution to make at least on recipe from each of my cookbooks this year as a way to weed out cookbooks that I don’t really want/use.
So the verdict on this book? I’m attached to it emotionally because my mom gave it to me, but I feel like i’ve sort of “grown out” of it. It uses lots of canned food and prepackaged goods, and my cooking just isn’t in that vein as much. I had forgotten how much I used it in our first year of marriage, but I haven’t cracked it lately.
This might be one for the goodwill pile.

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3 Responses to Weekly Recipe: Chicken Divan

  1. Kelly says:

    It is funny the things we become emotionally attached to…I say if means a lot to you just keep it for sentimental reasons but don’t cook from it. 🙂

    • slowmiles says:

      It is funny the things we get attached to! I (and this might be TMI) have a pair of underwear that I’ve had since highschool!

      • Kelly says:

        Haha…love it! I totally know what you mean. I have these ratty boxer shorts that I LOVE sleeping in and my husband just cringes! But really when you break something in so perfectly you just can’t replace it! 🙂

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