run 1 pearl 1

So, I went to the running store on Saturday. I took both my old pairs of Nimbus’. Sadly, the store didn’t have any 10’s laying around, so the clerk and I decided to try some new shoes. I told him I wasn’t totally brand loyal to asics, and that as a new runner… I was happy to defer to his “expertise.”

He brought out a pair of saucony’s and a pair of Pearl Izumi’s. I’ve never worn Saucony’s, but my mom ran in them in her running days. They felt ok, but like they didn’t’ have enough cushion on the fore foot. The pearl Izumi’s felt like a dream! They were def. wide enough in the toe box, and sooo cushiony.

Here they are:

mine are black and pink

The Pearl Izumi SynchroFloat iii. I haven’t done a ton of running on them yet. I bought them on Saturday, and then yesterday when I was at the gym for my strength workout, I did 5 minute on the treadmill at a 13 min/mil pace to see how my shin and everything was doing. During my run my shin felt great! It was little sore afterwards, but nothing major. I think I’m going to go for a “run” tomorrow but I’m really going to start back out slow. Slow pace, minimal distance etc. I think I’m going to do a 2 mile course, but I only plan on running .6 of that…depending in how everything feels.

I really want to run a half marathon in 2010…I just need to be smart about getting there.

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2 Responses to run 1 pearl 1

  1. Kelly says:

    YAY…i am glad you got some new shoes. Keep me (us) posted on how you like them. I haven’t ever run in those before either!

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