relief! and a random post…

Today should have been a run day, but instead it was a speed walk day! I still wanted to get my good cardio in, so I busted my butt on a walk, actually I busted my hand on a mail box.


I normally walk and run on the roads in my subdivision (as opposed to the side walk, concrete = too hard!), and I don’t usually have traffic problems at 5:30am. This morning, I got up an hour later—so I had a few more cars to deal with. I don’t mind walking on the concrete, so when I heard a car behind me I jumped onto the sidewalk, and kept up my fist pumpin’ fast walkin’ pace. Except, I wasn’t paying attention and punched my hand into a mailbox. Never fear, neither the mailbox or may hand is bruised (thank the lord, I would have felt bad for denting someone’s mail box).

So here are my walk stats:
Time: 29 Minutes
Pace: 14.5
Distance: 2 miles
Temp outside: 33 degrees.

I didn’t use my nike plus on this walk. I knew how far I was going, and I’m not as interested in my walking pace, plus…last Saturday it shorted me HALF A MILE on my run. Time for a Garmin?

This walking pace had me working up enough of a sweat that when I got home my husband accused me of going for a run and hurting my shin. I assured me that I hadn’t run. I purposely wore an extra layer and only one sports bra (I normally wear two, as my cups generally runneth over).

Instead of going to work this morning, I headed to a chiropractic appointment. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor sporadically for the past 7 years. I was hit by a drunk driver…and every so often my back acts up. Also, my right leg is shorter than my left…which causes interesting biomechanical issues…

To get back to the point, today my back looked great (yay!) but my entire right leg was totally out of wack, all the way up to my hip. He adjusted it and asked if I had been doing anything differently. I told him that I was jogging more, and increasing my mileage, but not by a lot, and hadn’t run more than three miles consecutively. He said he didn’t think that would do it. I then casually mentioned that I was experiencing foot pain in the right foot that I thought to be plantar fasciitis. He made me lie back down and looked at my foot. Apparently my range of motion was like 50%. He asked if I was wearing proper shoes. Uhhh…yes, they are good shoes, but I told him that I thought they might be the wrong ones, as my feet, shins and even knees had been feeling worse since I’d had them. He gave me this sort of “seriously? DUH!” look, and told me to get new shoes.

I’m not going to lie, I feel very vindicated and happy about this. I was harboring serious fears that there was NO WAY I could run a half marathon.

Now I just have to find some Asics Gel Nimbus 10’s in a size 10.5….so far the search is not fruitful. Maybe I’ll email Asics directly and beg them to send me a pair!

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4 Responses to relief! and a random post…

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is a great post Ali! I wanted to let you know I ran a whole 11 min mile today and I don’t even run, I was so proud! Thought of you and your inspirational journey when I completed it 🙂

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