stop heal and listen

I spent all day yesterday “resting” my shins, in preparation for my scheduled run this morning. I went for an easy mile walk, I iced my shins, I did shin stretches, I walked pigeon toed to and from the bathroom at work, I even did some shin strengthening exercises. By yesterday evening I realized that my shins no longer ached. A move in the right direction!

I decided to go for my run this morning with the following conditions:
a) If my shins hurt like they did on Tuesday, I would stop immediately.
b) it would be “ok” to stop and walk or take periodic walking breaks.
c) I did not HAVE to run or even walk the entire 2.6 miles that I had scheduled.

Now, I’m sort of stubborn, so I really really really wanted to be able to run the 2.6 that was scheduled. I had to give myself an “it’s ok to slow down” pep talk. I actually think this stems from the fear that if I have a setback, I won’t achieve my goal of completing a half marathon. Yesterday, I was commenting on Caitlin’s blog and read her reply to a comment from a reader. She told the reader that walking, or taking bathroom breaks does not make you a quitter. Hanging up your shoes is quitting.
I am not quitting.

Time: 38:30
Pace 14:22 min/mil
Distance 2.68
Temp: 40 but oh so windy!

I did only run about 2 miles, and walked .68. My shins felt pretty good for the first 2 miles, then they started to get a little tired and sore, but nothing too major. I thought about how walking isn’t quitting, and about how important healing my body is, and about the fact that last year I couldn’t even run one mile, and now I can run 3. So, I walked the rest, and came home to immediately ice my shin.

I have a 3.5 mile run planned for Saturday…not sure what the plan is, beyond making sure that I’m listening to my body.

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6 Responses to stop heal and listen

  1. Did you ever think about looking at your choice of shoegear? Shin pain can easily be prevented by the proper shoes and can dangerously lead to tibial stress fracture if not treated.

    • slowmiles says:

      The stress fracture is def. what I want to avoid! I have thought of that, I actually just got new shoes. They are an updated version of the shoes I previously put about 300 miles on. I have been thinking that maybe the updated version isn’t working as well for me. I have had my gait analyzed etc, and believe I’m running in the proper TYPE of shoe.

  2. Kelly says:

    AWESOME for listening to your body! Way to go…that is probably a bigger acheivement then having actually run the scheduled 2.6 miles! And horray for walking pigeon toed! (I swear it works!!! 🙂

  3. questionsfordessert says:

    I can really get stuck on working the program no matter what. I’ll think of you next time I’m being inflexible!

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