A little of this…

So I have a couple of things to post about, but none of them warrant a full post. Or I don’t want to turn any of them into a full post, so instead I’m going to make a list! I love lists!

1. My shin still hurts a bit. It hurts when I walk down stairs. I skipped my walk this morning, so as to sleep-in provide my body with restorative sleep. I did go for a mile long walk on my lunch break. I iced my shin at my desk when I got back. Tomorrow is a run day, but I’m not going to push it. I’m supposed to run 2.6 miles…it might be that, it might be a run walk combo, it might just be a walk. We’ll see. I’m committed to not being stubborn and over-training/hurting my self.

2. I’ve been upping my weight lifting efforts at the gym . I read Caitlin’s blog, and after completing her first marathon a few weeks ago, she realized she had lost muscle tone, from focusing so much on running. She enlisted the help of another blogger and created her Intro To Pumping Iron. I printed it out and having been using it for my strength training this week. YOWZA! Day one made my triceps.so.sore. I don’t normally strength train like this. Usually I do two days of total body training and call it good. I could do more. Umm..day two? Not as hard, but my butt is sore and my abs are KILLING ME. I haven’t done day three yet.
Maybe my shin pain is from lunges? (This is wishful thinking, it’s not from lunges).

Ok, so that is the end of my list. Not really a list at all.
I leave you with a picture of me stretching after my run on Saturday. I’m doing a crappy downdog, and my dog is doing a really great….standing dog? Up Dog? How would an actual dog do up dog?

yes, my hand are in a puddle

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8 Responses to A little of this…

  1. caitlin says:

    hahah sorry, but the caption on that picture cracked me up.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yesterday my husband guest posted on my blog about the importance of strength training. It is a good read (haha…am I allowed to say that?)


  3. questionsfordessert says:

    your hands in a puddle! hilarious! unfortunate, but hilarious! and my cats always get in my way when I’m doing yoga. I’d love to do a downward dog or a plank without a cat between my chest and the floor.

    hope your shin pain gets better soon!

  4. frogsandmen says:

    haha you’re dog looks so grave!
    a bientot!
    the paris food blague

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